Fishery Improvement Projects provide a platform for fishermen, seafood buyers and suppliers to develop a strategy to improve a specific fishery by considering better policies and management over a given time period. Engagement in a FIP allows producers and processors access markets which demand sustainability and environmental credentials. The aim of a FIP is to improve sustainability within a fishery and progress to certification under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Fisheries need a high level of organisation and funding to meet the rigor of international fishery sustainability standards. A FIP provides a starting point to organise participants in a fishery to ultimately achieve certification to international fishery based sustainability standards.

Sardinella longiceps

Fishery: Gillnet caught Indian oil sardine

FAO Area: Kollam (Vadi Fishery) Area 51

Client: Fishermen Welfare Society, Kollam

CAB for audit: Moody Marine UK

Funding: WWF-India


  • Fishery mapping by CMFRI
  • Pre-assessment and FIP complete
  • Stakeholder meetings held
  • Stakeholder consultation – Completed – Kerala Govt wants for the whole of Kerala

Dept. of Fisheries, Kerala has issued order to promote certification entire Kerala coast.

Babylonia Spirata.jpg 3 200X200

Babylonia spirata

Fishery: Trawl caught whelk

FAO Area: Kollam Area 51

Client: SEAI, All Kerala Boat Owners Association

CAB for audit: Control Union Pesca UK

Funding: SEAI Consortium, All Kerala Boat Owners Association MPEDA


  • Fishery mapping by CMFRI
  • Kerala Govt to initiate the program

Panulirus Homarus

Fishery: Trap caught lobster

FAO Area: Nagercoil/ Kanyakumari Area 51


CAB for audit: Under negotiation

Funding: Under negotiation


  • Fishery mapping by CMFRI
  • Stakeholder meetings held

Villorita cyprinoides


Name of the fishery – Clam Fishery (Black Clam) – Gear – Handpick & Dredging

Fishing Area – FAO 51

Client – Dept. of Fisheries, Govt of Kerala

CAB for Audit – Under Negotiation

Funding – Dept. of Fisheries, Govt of Kerala


  • Dept. of Fisheries has issued an order to promote Black clam certification.
  • Stakeholders meeting held