The network aims at

  1. Gain recognition as a trusted common platform at the national level in order to interact and influence local government and other government line agencies.
  2. Establish linkages with development agencies in government, stakeholders and mobilize development resources/funds from alternative sources.
  3. Improve governance and management related to FIPs and to promote the culture of transparency, accountability and good governance at the national level.
  4. Provide input to the development and implementation of projects supporting fisheries working towards sustainability.
  5. Provide oversight and monitoring of fisheries working towards sustainability.
  6. Work in collaboration with different stakeholders, NGOs, Funding agencies.
  7. Provide training, education and data based information to the fisherman community.
  8. To provide resources and assistance to Fishermen.
  9. Capacity building programs regarding sustainability in collaboration with Fisheries University and vocational institutions.