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We wanted to let you know about a training course the MSC is providing online next year from 1st  to the 16th  February 2024.

The aim of the course is to increase understanding of the MSC’s Fisheries Standard. It’s intended to equip those involved in fishery improvement projects (FIPs), and those who are working with certified fisheries, with knowledge and skills to support fishery improvement practices. Attached is a more detailed outline of the course.

It does require quite a bit of commitment though, at least four hours a day over the two-week period, consisting of some live online sessions and on other days self-study of the modules.

Course attendance is by invitation only, and numbers are limited, so please let us know by the end of Next week (15 December) if you are interested in attending. If you are unable to attend, please let us know so we can offer your place to another interested stakeholder. There is no charge for the course.

The Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC’s) Ocean Stewardship Fund is offering funding to fisheries participating in MSC’s In-Transition to MSC (ITM) Program to support with the implementation of improvements. 

Two types of grant are available: 

The Transition Assistance Fund (up to £50,000) 

This fund is open to all fisheries that are in MSC’s ITM Program. Funding must be used to support the implementation of improvements identified in the fishery’s action plan that will improve its performance against the MSC Fisheries Standard. 

The Student Research Grants (up to £5,000) 

This fund is open to current Masters or PhD students of fisheries science worldwide. Integrated Masters students are eligible to apply during their final year only. Projects can be up to 12 months (or 18 in exceptional circumstances) and must be focused on helping fisheries improve their environmental performance using the MSC Fisheries Standard as a benchmark.  

How to apply 

Applications must be submitted by 23:59 UTC on 4 December 2023. 

If you are interested in either of these funding opportunities and/or collaborating with any postgraduate students, please contact me,  to begin the application process (or ask the student(s) to contact me with respect to the Student Research Grants). Please reach out at the earliest opportunity to ensure all requirements are met in good time before the application deadline. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the Fund Administrator at OSF@msc.org  

A step forward in India:CUSAT School of Industrial Fisheries(CSIF) and Seafood Exporters Association India(SEAI)signed MOU to support implementation of fisheries action plans(FIPs) through R & D progressing 8 target species along kerala coast towards MSC certification.

SSNI has been all over the news since its formation. The media was a major factor in creating awareness among the public about sustainable seafood. Below are some of the news articles.

Concern for our oceans is driving a new wave of consumer activism, new research for the Marine Stewardship Council reveals, as seafood shoppers increasingly ‘vote with their forks’ in a bid to make sure there is plenty of fish left in the sea. In the largest survey of…

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